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Playing Behind the Seat Blackjack at Mas8 live casino

For a moment now, players at Mas8 live casino has been enjoying a special performance added to the blackjack live dealer tables. The “Behind the Seat” feature lets players serve as observers of the online blackjack game, with the ability to easy watch or let them take part in the game.
At any time, interested players can take a virtual sit behind players that are playing at a blackjack table. This function is effective exactly like it sounds like the player “sits” behind a selected player and watches the game from his point of view. In addition, the behind the seat player can then select to follow the player he is watching, so that every action this player takes on the table will apply to the player behind him.

Playing Behind the Seat Blackjack

On the other hand, there are someone can become a behind the seat player behind multiple players and players seriously playing on the table can also participate. Regardless of the follow mode which is deactivated by default, behind the seat players can partake in the game with breaking, following, taking insurance and doubling. The behind the seat player is helping to take these decisions earlier, before the main player makes his own decisions. If the main player’s decisions do not adjust with the behind the seat player’s, the latter’s are canceled or changed.
However, behind the seat feature the players in Mas8 live casino can enjoy a relaxed game of blackjack by overlooking the action from the back seat, with the given option to employ more actively in the game. In addition, the behind the seat feature allows players to understand the ropes of blackjack and more specifically how it is played at the dealer table. This has proved very famous with table game players at Mas8 live casino where there is a good mixture of rookie and seasoned players.

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