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General view about mas8 online casino Great Blue free slot

  1. Mas8 online casino Slot  Game Rule
First of all, players have to set the goal as spinning the reels to get symbols combinations. You can begin playing the game and put a bet by clicking the button “click to change” and then select line bets and pay lines. Bet max can spin the reels and activate all pay lines. The way of playing the Gret Blue free slot is pretty simple, you can multiply all active pay lines and line bet in order to count the gross bet of the game round. Spin option is able to spin the reels; however, remember to choose lines and line bet first. Scatter win which is based on the payable to multiply, and its multiply is the total bet.

  1. Strategy And Key Symbols
Unlike other traditional slot game, in mas8 online casino, cards named as A, K, J, Q and card numbers as 9, 10 present some sea creatures as sea horses, turtles, sea, starfish, sharks, and tropical fish. These creatures inhabit in the reels. The special symbols of the slot game are a Pearl and a Whale. The gross bet will be calculated by multiplying from 1, 2, 5, 20 to 500 provided that Pearl Scatters present in 2, 3, 5 together.
In the Free spin round of the Great Blue slot, it is opened in a minimum of three times and players will be given up to 2 times multiplier and eight free spin. Notably, they could be given 15 times multiplier and receive up to 33 spins for free.
In case players want to enter the Bonus round, they have to hit more than three scatter symbols in each spin on the reels. If you have never played the Great Blue free slot, remember that Scatter symbolizes for Clam Shell.

And in this round, I mean in the Bonus round, five Clam Shells has to be opened to enter the round. Players have to take two clams to open it. Obviously, you will be given reward, and they are additional spins and bet multiplier.
The great different of the Mas8  free slot is the game contains fixed 25 pay lines. In many players point of view, the game is more challenging and has more rewards than other traditional versions. The game is also more convenient as you can play the game any time you have free time despite of the number after getting win.
Now, you are free to choose device to play great blue free slot as it is available on either IOS or Android and on a lot of casino sites. Interestingly, the distinctive and interesting features are still remained.
Players now can play Great Blue free slot for free without registering at Malaysia online casino signup bonus. Don’t worry about the game quality as all notable features, its design, animation, as well as graphic are still kept which bring players considerable pleasures and fun. 

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