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Our comment about the highway king slot game

Highway Kings Slot Win Highway Kings – A super shinning and simple game
We like to come across a game that is taken a fresh connect to its design and come up with an absolutely unique concept. Here we tell you about how one such game fared as we took a turn of its truck depended on themed rounds.
What’s Highway King all about?
This slot game takes on a rather unusual set up to its rounds. Here you will see that there are just 9 pay lines across 5 rounds; the signals do differ somewhat in this slot, with some paying out for between 1 and 5 occurrences and some just paying out between 3 and 5 occurrences (because of this unusual set up we’d suggest testing out the pay table before taking it for a turn).

The highest value signal that you will want to be target for is the Red Truck; this has 10000x, 500x, 50x, 10x and 2x multipliers attached to it for the turning of 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 occurrence respectively. The method the tiered payouts then work is that the Yellow Truck, Green Truck, Petrol Pump, Jerry Can, and Spark Plug all pay for 5, 4, 3 and 2 occurrences; and next the Dice, the Crank, The Tire and the Wheel all pay for 5, 4 and 3 occurrences.
Here the gamble arranges from £0.01 each pay line up to £5 each pay line (this then means that the max gamble each turn is £45 (this is not going to please the more high deposits users out there, we realize).
The Scatter Signals in Highway King Slot in this game is the Exhaust Signal, this symbol pays in any position, regardless of whether it is in a winning pay line or not. The Wild Signal is the Red Truck, which means that it can substitute for all other signals to support you make up winning compositions on your pay lines.
Any Bonus Rounds/Special Features in the Highway King game?
Nope, none at all. This game is about as easy as it gets. There is no free games round, no bet feature and nothing other than the Scatter and Wild signals to look forward to.

How does this Highway King look?
We would like the look of this game… super easy, shiny and bright. The design takes on a cartoon style approach, with the pay line buttons at either end of the rounds framing them nicely.

This game absolutely has a place in the world, but with no additional extra slots and a higher gamble range it will not be making the favorite lists of high deposits or quick users. This game does nevertheless serve one thing that many other games fall down on, and that is its pure, uninterrupted game play. Here you need just focus on what can be pretty lucrative composition; it very much reminds us of the more traditional slot games which were without the millions of extra rounds frequently see today. All in all this game does serve entertainment, all be it in a less frantic way. Good luck at Malaysia online casino 

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