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6 steps to unblock Slot machine

The below are 6 steps to unblock Slot game
Step #1: Try a game! You have to try a game. When trying, you bet on all symbols, each symbol 1 point. Limit in 3 rounds then you compare big or small point in each round and note them.
Step #2: Bet 30 points on small bet (apple, mango and tangerine), the point each round have to be compared big – small, ordinal you can refer when trying a game. If there is not unexpected situation then success rate is no problem, this limit you just win relatively, not need more.
Step #3: do again step 1, each time bet 1 point, wait for big win (double star, 77, water melon), When winning any one of them then stop.
Step #4: bet on 3 big Bet (double star, 77, water melon) which surely win! Rate is 70%!
Step #5: Do again Step 1 then do again Step 4 and continue, one day my highest record is to win more than 800 in 2 hours. Remember that you are not hasty, you lose this game then do not bet next game, be calm surely you will win!
Step #6: This is most important. Be divided into 2 small steps:
1. When you pay attention to losers even they bet any door especially there is less to appear double star, 77, water melon. So your chance has come, wait for player to go, you come! Wait 10 minutes and do not play, then begin bet small. Maybe in beginning, there is not appearance of big door even consecutively big bell, tangerine are not appeared, it means machine is still in situation eat point! Wait for appearing Big door, it means machine is in period of raising point! Bet on big door, in 5 rounds you bet on big door (double star, 77, water melon) then surely you will win.
2. Rule of winning
When rotating center position, Slot machine will be bright, you have to pay attention! If continuously 2 to 3 times the light is twinkling. It means this machine is in situation eat point, just replace another, if not you will lose all your bet.
If playing big bell, then after 3 games, there still appears big bell or big tangerine, rate is 60%!
If playing mango, then after 1 game, there still appears big mango or machine goes into eat point immediately! Be careful!
If playing big star, then next games still appears big door!
If playing apple concurrently played 2 apples then machine in 15 minutes will appear big prize – BAR! Rate is 70%!
The above are 6 steps to unblock Slot game, enter scr88 to enjoy more casino online games. Good luck!

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